Some guidelines for engaging on this site or our related social media accounts:

We are a community. Healthy communities communicate. Sometimes, it’s easy. Sharing happy events, a walk in the park or a beer is the easy part. Sharing spaces and opinions can be a bit more difficult. But everyone has a right to be comfortable here.

  • Be respectful when talking with or about members of this community.
  • Communities have disagreements. Healthy communities discuss differences with respect and an understanding that everyone’s passion is rooted in love and concern for this place.
  • In order for the Safety Harbor Sun to contribute to this community as intended, there are guidelines for interacting here. SHS will delete, to the extent allowed on this platform, comments or posts that are destructive to building community, including those that are vulgar, defamatory, indecent, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, disgraceful, inappropriate or that encourage or suggest illegal activity.
  • Although it can be helpful to share relevant information about local businesses, repetitive promotional posts or spamming will be removed.
  • When discussing a topic, stay on topic. Please share your ideas, suggestions, critiques and questions. Share relevant information and, if you disagree, do so respectfully with the intention of giving a bigger picture or clarifying potential for broader impact.

Work with us to minimize harm. And have fun! This is a special place. We are fortunate to be in this place together.