Charley's World with Charley Belcher visits Troubled Waters

Charley’s World: Fox 13 Visits Troubled Waters Brewery

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Fox 13 News (WTVT) showcases Troubled Waters Brewery on Main Street Safety Harbor today (Friday). Charley Belcher interviewed Kevin Shanks, co-owner/brewer.

Troubled Waters is owned and run by the father and son team of Steve and Kevin Shanks and is located in the space that formerly housed Copperheads Tavern.

Steven Shanks is a retired firefighter from the Chicago area. After relocating to Florida in 2009, he started working for Cigar City in Tampa as a tour guide and later he became a brewer.

His son Kevin joined him at Cigar City in 2016 where they made plans to have their own brewery.

Earlier this week, Charley’s World was at the newly opened Bassano Cheesecake on Main Street. You can find video of Charlie’s World at

Charley Belcher is not related to Walt Belcher.

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