A sign posted on the window of Brian's Barbershop on March 26 shares the store's closing due to coronavirus concerns. (Photo/Kathryn Malaxos)

The No List: What Can Open on Monday in Pinellas County & Safety Harbor

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Your dog can get a haircut but you can’t visit a barber. You can rent a kayak but you can’t get a tattoo. You can visit a tanning salon but you can’t go bowling.

These are some of results of efforts by the state of Florida and Pinellas County to ease the restrictions put in place in March to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Under phase one of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reopening plan that begins Monday, retail outlets and restaurants can open at 25 percent capacity and with safe social distancing. Some other businesses can also open, such as pet groomers, while other services must remain closed.

On Friday, the Pinellas County Commission voted to follow the Governor’s order. In a effort to clarify DeSantis’ intentions, county officials have come up with list of types of business that should remain closed for now.

In announcing his order, DeSantis singled out only a few services such as gyms and fitness centers that should remain closed, but the written order covers similar types of services.

County Administrator Barry Burton and Sheriff Bob Gualtieri along with staff spent hours putting together a list of what they believe are nonessential services and activities that would remain closed.

The list includes:

  • Arcade and video/game rooms
  • Day/beauty spa services
  • Hair salon services (including braiding, hair cutting and styling)
  • Nail salon services
  • Barber shop services
  • Fitness, dance, Pilates, and yoga studios and gyms
  • Massage (unless directed by a medical provider)
  • Painting, craft, or art studios
  •  Tattoo and piercing services
  • Bowling
  • Zoos
  • Pool halls
  • Concert and music halls
  • Locations with amusement rides and/or water parks
  • Movie and other theaters (including adult entertainment theaters)

“If it’s not on this list, I say go for it,” said Gualtieri, who is in charge of enforcing the county’s resolution.

The 25-percent capacity and 6-foot social distancing applies to anything that opens up Monday.

The Governor’s order requires that bars, pubs and nightclubs remain closed. For that reason, no bar seating will be allowed in restaurants; however, they can open the tabletop areas.

Restaurants also may serve food and beverages in outdoor seating areas as long as the tables are spaced 6 feet apart. Groups of more than 10 are not allowed inside or outside to maintain social distancing guidelines.

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