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a brief introduction…

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A large bird flew over the Waterfront Park pier and was met with surprise. The dark bird had no white, so it wasn’t an osprey. It had a small beak, so it wasn’t a vulture. Many thanks to Louise Roy from Birds in Helping Hands” for the bird ID of a juvenile eagle. Louise thinks he hatched out of last year’s nest. Bald Eagle Info says it takes five years for eagles to develop their white heads. hoping we see more of him!

Jarine Dotson, a Safety Harbor resident who retired after thirty years in the Human Resources industry, loves getting up before dawn to photograph the sunrise along with other Safety Harbor views. You can see more of her work at Jarine Dotson Photography on Facebook and at various shops around town and at the Sunday Market on Main or in her private studio by appointment. Or meet up with Jarine along the bay for sun rise!